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Snow! Gaily wrapped presents under my brightly lit tree! Chocolate fudge melting in my mouth! Christmas carols: “Silent Night”; “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem”; “Joy to the World”. Oh so many songs and hymns and prayers to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

If you don’t already have enough love in your heart, add a little more reading these two heartwarming and delightful stories, that aren’t just for Christmas, but for any time of the year.

Christmas is coming!

Bob and I woke up this morning to find the first snow of the season lightly blanketing our yard, the rooftops, and the beautiful hills that surround our home in the Boise, Idaho foothills. Riley, our 3-month-old Landseer (white and black) Newfoundland puppy was playing in his swimming pool last Sunday, and today it’s snow. It’s melting off too fast, of course, but I know we’ll be seeing a lot more of the white stuff.

Today I’m singing “Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go…,” thinking about Thanksgiving, which will be here before we know it. Tomorrow, I’ll find my autumn decorations and turn the look inside of my home from summer to fall, bringing out the amber and red candles, the chrysanthemums, the turkeys and cornucopias. Oh what fun it will be. This afternoon, of course, I’m in the Christmas spirit, heading off to my first holiday bazaar of the season, shopping and wish lists in hand. An Eagle, Idaho Fire Department calendar is right at the top of my list. You can get your own at Christmas ornaments for the grandchildren, my daughter and her husband, and of course one or two for me and Bob and Riley, are a must, and maybe a pretty wreath or some other wonderful decoration for the house. I love finding handmade necklaces, hair ribbons and bows, and stocking stuffers. Last year adorable knit hats designed to look like kittens, lambs, puppies, and all sorts of animals, were hot items at the bazaars I went to. Wonder what will be the “in” thing this season. Whatever it is, it will bring a smile to my face. Of course, I don’t think the smile ever leaves my face or my heart this time of year. It’s a special time, celebrating the birth of our Lord, spending priceless time with family, and giving thanks for the precious gift of life and love.

And to you, my friends, may your lives be filled with joy—and good books!—this special time of year and always.


Happy Holiday's

Book Cover: "Enchanted" by Patti Berg
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a Christmas story you'll savor and reread many times. Author Patti Berg has a way with words that makes you feel you're in the story with her characters. Its unique story line is heartwarming, tender, and refreshing. This book is the perfect gift for someone who loves an exceptional story. Just in time for the holiday season, Patti Berg serves up a delightful and engaging fable

— Romantic Times

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Book Cover: "Wishes Come True" by Patti Berg
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“Wishes Come True”

“Santa's spouse, the irrepressible Merry Nicholas, is back once again. ... Impressive author Patti Berg continues her captivating, heartwarming series featuring the charming Merry. WISHES COME TRUE is top notch, fun reading.”

— Romantic Times

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